• The Jagungal Wilderness area
  • The Alpine huts – If you have the time then treat yourself to a night in one of the alpine huts.
  • Hike a Bike sections – Type 2 fun
  • A beer at country pub
  • Camping under the clear mountain skies and millions of stars 
  • Dinner at the Hilltop Hotel Omeo
  • Mountain air and solitude
  • Drinking from the mountain streams

  • River and creek crossings – After heavy rain some crossings may not be passable and will require you to backtrack or detour. Keep up to date with the weather forecast and be prepared to detour/backtrack if required.
  • Be prepared for bad weather – it can snow in the high country even in the middle of summer. Be prepared for all weather conditions and keep up to date with the weather report before departing. The Bureau of Meteorology provides the Australian community with access to weather forecasts, severe weather warnings, observations, flood information.
  • Treating your drinking water – much of the route will require you to drink water from streams. Its possible to pick up Giardia or other parasites from drinking the water even in Kosciuszko. You could probably drink most of the streams without treatment but don’t risk it and make sure to treat all drinking water. Note that often the cause of illness os poor hygiene rather than bad water, carry sterilising wipes or hand lotion.
  • SPOT tracker or EPIRB – its highly recommended to carry an emergency tracker due to the remoteness of much of the trail. If you get into trouble you could be a long way from help and you may not see another person on the trail for days or weeks.
  • Snakes – Snakes often like to sun bake on the trail. Stay aware and you should be safe. If your unlucky enough (chances are low) to get bitten by a snake then stop moving, apply pressure and send for help.

You must carry a SPOT/Garmin inReach tracking device and have it registered to the Hunt 1000 route before you leave. Once the route has been confirmed, we will send all registered riders details of how to register with MAProgress

SPOT trackers will be available for hire via MAProgress. It’s also possible to purchase a SPOT tracker or hire from an alternative provider and then register for tracking with Maprogress.

For those hiring a tracker via MAProgress you will need to coordinate postage of your tracker directly from MAProgress.

  • Camping in the national parks is only allowed in the designated camping areas.
  • Staying the night in one of the alpine huts is a special experience, allow time for a night, or even two, in a hut if you can.
  • The small towns have pubs and/or caravan parks if you prefer a roof over your head for the night.
  • Refer to the notes on the map for specific camping, hut and accommodation locations.

  • Food – food resupply points are far between so plan accordingly. Refer to the notes on the map for resupply options
  • Water – treat all water before drinking. Reliable water can be up to 100km (62miles) apart, refer to notes on the map for water sources.
  • Pub Meals – treat yourself to a pub meal when available
  • General Stores – the general stores along the route only stock basic supplies but enough to get you by. Note general stores generally close early, 5-6pm.

Once we have finalised the route in October, we will provide a ride manual here. This will also be emailed to all registered riders.

Several people have written articles about their experience on previous Hunt 1000 trips. These provide some great perspectives and additional images from the trail:

2017 Hunt 1000 route

Below is the publically available 2017 Hunt 1000 route. The updated 2019 route will be sent to those that register.